Narcos Narcos

Who can participate?

The hackathon is open to computer programmers and any other tech-oriented people who want to collaborate on projects using software and/or other maker skills.

What to bring?

We will provide:

  • internet access
  • application development kit
  • interactive hardware (Arduino Nano – ESP 8266) badges for each  participant
  • application cloud account
  • sensors, 3D printer, sewing machines
  • catering
  • transport from the city to the venue and back

You are welcome to bring your own:

  • hardware
  • soldering irons
  • laptop and maybe an additional extension cable
  • fabrics, sensors, LEDs copper strip tape
  • hot glue gun
  • dancing shoes
  • creative thinking
  • collaborative spirit
  • good vibes!

Desired skills:

Arduino programming, python, node.js, electronics, security, soldering, sewing, design, 3D printing

Call for volunteers – please send an email to if you additionally wish to help the event